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History Now is here

Basil King’s new book, History Now, Marsh Hawk Press, 2017, is here.

It is the latest segment in what poet Laurie Duggan is calling King’s epic, Learning to Draw.  Eileen Tabios in her online “poetry engagement” Galetea Ressurects, calls it HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


All five books to date are pictured below.  Another publication, a beautiful chapbook In the Field Where Daffodils Grow was published by Vincent Katz’s Libellum Books, but is not pictured as the text also appears in the large Learning to Draw/A History in the middle of the photo below.  We are grateful to him and to other publishers who issued chapbooks or published segments of this work in their magazines, explicitly Mark Lamoureux, Sanjay Agnihotri, Ed Foster, David Caddy, Dale Smith and Hoa Nguyen, and Peter Ganick.

Order from SPD [www.spdbooks.org] for $15 plus S&H, or, if you must, from Amazon Books, also $15 plus S&H.

Books in Basil King’s epic LEARNING TO DRAW sequence.



Martha King News Prose Readings

Martha King published in new anthology


Wreckage of Reason: Back to the Drawing Board
Wreckage of Reason: Back to the Drawing Board

I’m one of 29 contributors to Wreckage of Reason II subtitled “Back to the Drawing Board.”  (I appear in the original 2008 volume as well.)   The editors say these stories “use different style and genres … to illustrate moments of conflict, amusement, bafflement and joy that make up a day, a year, an individual life or a collective history. Held up to the light or inspected under a microscope, set in locales real, virtual, mythic, and imaginary, characters bump into and move through events, leaving readers with the humorous, sad, sexy and playful ambiguities of what it means to be alive.”

I hope so!  You can hear for yourself if you are in New York City on April 22, when a number of us – I’ll be one of them – read at the book launch:  KGB, 85 East 4th Street 7 – 9pm.

$20. Spuyten Duyvil Press.  Order from the Spuyten Duyvil Storefront:    https://www.createspace.com/4576201

On Amazon you can check out the whole table of contents with all the contributors’ names and order a Kindle edition for $8.